The Quick Fat Flush Plan is based on a low carb platform. But you don't have to count carbs. You also don't have to exercise and you can still drink alcohol. On this page you'll find eveything you need to successfully complete the plan. These pages are available to Indulgence Diet Members only. To view a page just click on the link and enter your password.

Supplement Directions

This gives you a brief description on how and when to take each one of our supplements. 

14-Day Quick Fat Flush Instructions

This is the first phase of the Indulgence Diet. It's the best way to start the program because it jump starts weight loss.

14-Day Quick Fat Flush Meal Plan

See a two week meal plan with delicious pictures that shows how luxuriously you get to eat while slimming down to your goal weight.

Continuous Fat Flush Instructions

This is the second phase of the Indulgence Diet. It starts after the 14-Day Quick Fat Flush. However, you can also start the diet on this phase if you'd rather skip the Quick Fat Flush.

Goal Weight Weekends

This is a new phase of the Indulgence Diet that allows you to eat whatever you want 2 days a week. It starts after the 14-Day Quick Fat Flush. It allows you to keep eating all of your favorite foods all the way to goal weight. It also allows you to practice what living at your goal weight will be like. 

Tips And Tricks

This page is full of ideas and thoughts and hints that help to make the Indulgence Diet a fun easy experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here members can find the answers to commonly asked questions while on The Indulgence Diet.

Shopping List

This is more than just a list.  We basically take you by the hand and show you everything we buy to eat on the plan. You'll see that there's a wide variety of foods to enjoy!

Please Consult Your Doctor Before Starting A New Diet Or Exercise Program
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